We provide a safe, clean, and nurturing space for infants to use their muscles and develop their motor skills. Supervised crawl time, peek-a-boo, and observed playtime, allow infants to grow, while devveloping coordination and social skills that will serve as the foundation for later developmental milestones. We provide age-appropriate toys to allow infants to explore their space, and alter their enviroment in a safe way, with the careful guidance of experienced and nurturing caregivers. Infants are taken outside twice daily weather permitting. With proper supervision, modeling of proper play, and a safe enviroment, infants can learn to develop key motor skills, and trust in adults and other children.


We help even the youngest children find the confidence to explore and grow. Playtime includes the use of age appropriate books and play spaces. Because newborns and infants still have developin gimmune systems, we understand the importance of a clean and sanitized play enviroment.

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